The Harmonic Minors

The Harmonic Minors vocal group gives singers further development of their singing technique, the opportunity to work on more difficult music and to sing more harmonies. The group is particularly suited to more musically capable /experienced children aged 10 or older.

Singers undertake a simple non-competitive audition based on age and maturity level, along with a combination of demonstrating vocal range, their ability to hold a part while someone else is singing, tuning and blending.


Rehearsals are a co-directed choral approach, providing individual singer attention, and group feedback. The Harmonic Minors have their own repertoire which is varied, some of the songs are a cappella (no piano) and we choose a variety of music from spirituals, musicals, classical right through to pop. We also invite the Harmonic Minors to join in the Hutt Valley Performing Arts vocal competitions which gives them an opportunity to sing solo but also to perform as an ensemble.

In 2019 we toured to Blenheim to perform a concert with talented youth there and to sing in the Performing Arts Competitions.

In addition to individual singing and choral ensemble techniques, this group gives singers the opportunity to grow as leaders with the Major Minors- during rehearsals but also adding harmony parts to the songs.

The Harmonic Minors rehearse 2:15pm – 3pm on Sunday ( joining the Major Minors from 3- 4 pm)

They also have the opportunity to help with the Major Minors when we break into groups.

Their uniform differs to The Major Minors . They wear a white collared shirt with an embroidered HM logo and black pants.